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Sex assault suspect was deemed ‘likely to reoffend’ a month ago

Man fighting deportation since February 2011 after two previous convictions

The man who was charged with sexually assaulting a developmentally disabled woman on Wednesday was deemed “likely to reoffend” when he was ordered deported from Canada last month.
Louay Khalil, 34, has been fighting his February 2011 deportation — he was ordered out of the country on the grounds of serious criminality after two sexual assault convictions on strangers he met on the bus — back to Lebanon.
He appealed the deportation and the Immigration and Refugee Board tossed out the appeal last month. In its removal order, the board said Khalil had not sought any professional help.
“These offences are serious and without any credible promise of change, I find the appellant is likely to reoffend,” wrote IRB member Lynne Cunningham in her decision dated February 18, 2012.
But he has not been deported because he has two unrelated sexual assault cases pending before the courts and those take precedent.
In the most recent case, Calgary police say he befriended the vulnerable victim at a restaurant on Wednesday evening, lured her to a northeast home and sexually assaulted her.
Khalil was previously convicted and jailed after following two women off public transit buses in two separate occasions in 2007, grabbing them and trying to forcefully remove their pants. He was scared off in both instances.
During his immigration hearings, Khalil offered up a bizarre story to explain the two sexual assaults.
He told the immigration board his acquaintances had surreptitiously slipped some pills into a Tim Hortons cake he’d eaten and blamed that for the attacks.
“The appellant’s version of events sounded nonsensical, especially because he stated that it happened to him twice in the same way,” wrote Cunningham.
Khalil also said he continued to spend time with the people he claimed had drugged him and bought a stolen computer from them.
“He accepts little responsibility for his crimes, instead relying on a nonsensical story about eating cake with pills in it. He testified that not only did this happen to him once, but also that it occurred a second time and in both instances he sexually assaulted unsuspecting victims. He stated that he could not remember the offences, but he remembered everything up to the point of the sexual assault,” reads the decision.
“Furthermore, instead of avoiding these friends who allegedly surreptitiously gave him the pills, he went to a hotel to buy a $500 computer for $100 from them. Once again, he found himself in trouble with the law. In short, I did not find the appellant credible.”
In his favour, she found that Khalil was a hard worker at his seasonal construction job and he also has family in Canada and support from his mosque, though she wondered if they were aware of his criminal convictions.
Khalil has been in Canada since 2006 when he was sponsored by his then-wife, who is also his cousin, to come to the country.
He is now in custody after his first appearance in court for Wednesday’s alleged sexual assault.

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