Saturday, August 25, 2007


Now, here is an interesting one for you. What an obvious publicity stunt!:
Jerome Almon, CEO of Detroit-based label, Murdercap Records has sued Canadian border officials for alleged racial discrimination. For the past decade he has faced long interrogations and has consistently been turned away when trying to cross into Canada, he contends. He has also subpoenaed celebrities such as 50 Cent, Oprah Winfrey and Jay Z in an effort to add weight to his law suit. He is asking for $900 million in damages coming from alleged loss of business.Additionally, he has reportedly named 95 border guards and two former federal immigration ministers in his law suit.Almon alleges that Canadians blame African Americans for the rising gang violence in cities like Toronto and Vancouver and deliberately make it more difficult for African Americans to cross over into Canada in an effort to discourage them from visiting.Almon wants Jay Z and 50 Cent to share their experiences when crossing the border into Canada. 50 Cent has in the past complained about his experiences when crossing into Canada; his G unit entourage was denied entry into Canada. Almon also subpoenaed Paris Hilton and Martha Stewart in an effort to show how easy it is for white people to enter Canada."There is a global war on hip-hop—they blaming us for everything and anything, and we got to stand up right now," Almon told a newspaper. "We got to take our hands out of our pockets and drop our backhand on them." Canadian officials have denied that they discriminate on the basis of race.
I look forward to seeing Paris Hilton on the sand....Pleeeeeeezzzzzzzzz
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