Thursday, September 15, 2011


The Globe and Mail reports a very disturbing investigation on the P.E.I. immigration program. I think all "provincial nominee" programs must be scrapped, they are politically motivated, badly administered, and make no sense In light of mobility rights under the Charter.

Ottawa calls for probe of PEI immigration program - The Globe and Mail

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Anonymous said...

I strongly agree with your comments for reasons given. I was living on the Island when this took place. There have been in-depth studies conducted by the Kings Journalism students on this corrupt PNP program, "Cashing in" and a book written by an Islander, "Red like me". Basically, the province changed the rules and each immigrant bought a passport for 250,000 with that money being divided up among the politicians, intermediary firms, lawyers and accountants. There has been over 500 million divided up within the PEI elite, politicians, lawyers and accountants. The money was used to pay for lavish lifestyles and millions went into offshore accounts. A few weeks ago, 1 intermediary firm was charged by the CRA for not paying over 3 million in taxes when transferring 10 million to an offshore account. It was so corrupt, where a program meant to stimulate the economy, only assisted the already affluent and connected in the province to gain millions in a very corrupt and immoral manner through a federal program. Basically, PEI stole money from the immigrants in the pretense that they would be starting businesses etc. Instead, the money was given and they received a passport. Prince Edward Island is the perfect example to support your statements. The after effects of such corruption in a small society, like PEI, has been devastating as it also corrupted most offices, institutions, and professionals, with a multitude of abuses of power. Laws are no longer followed and those with power have no respect for laws as they feel 'untouchable' , afterall, they were able to steal millions and get away with it. The morality of the society has eroded severely as well. Since both political parties were involved, there are no legitimate investigations. PEI is not a very safe or nice society to be living in at the present time, and would suspect won't be for quite some time.