Friday, December 18, 2009


For many years now, Canadians have known that the refugee determination system is a joke. It is inconsistent, tainted by political allegiances, and has strangely the highest acceptance rate in the world. Some countries have as high as 80% acceptance rate, and people are allowed to move though the system (and in many cases, play it like a fiddle) for years. IRB Members are appointed based on political allegiance, activism and multiculturalism policies, and not based strictly on merit, and they are often strongly influenced by what other Members have decided on cases emanating from specific countries. A Member who mostly rejects cases from a country that otters routinely accept may become the subject of scrutiny, while the same may occur to a Member who routinely accepts cases from countries others reject. It is time to abolish the IRB and replace it with ja court of alw, composed of udges who are lawyers, appointed strictly on merit and without regard to their ethnic background, who will have tenure and will make binding decisions which will be full, fair and final. The current system penalizes those who are legitimate refugees and rewards bogus claimants who make outlandish claims to buy time in Canada. The current system inspires disregard for the rule of law and makes a mockery out of decisions which should be serious, reasoned, and based on common sense. Hearings should be open to the public in the same way that criminal and civil trials are similarly open.

CBC News - Politics - Fluctuations in refugee rulings trouble critics

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